Fast Followerz Review – Instagram Flash Sale

Fast Followerz is currently offering 20% OFF to all clients for any Instagram service! This means followers, likes, views, AND comments. Review their website for the service that you most need, and be sure to use the promo code before the time runs out!

Until the end of this week, use code IG20NOW at checkout to receive 20% OFF. Click here to claim this deal.

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New Fast Followers Feature Reviews

One of the nicest new features to come to Fast Followerz is the new Quick Likes Boost! If you find yourself reaching your Instagram Likes Engagement Limits, then this feature is for you!

The quick boost will automatically detect the new post that was made after your likes limit has been reached and create a new package to quickly purchase the additional likes for the post.

This service is intuitive and extremely easy to use. Just check your Engagement Limits email and select the Quick Boost Feature.

Be sure to check out FastFollowerz Reviews to determine the number 1 Social Media Marketing company in the industry.

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Instagram Followers Review

New Followers Delivery Options!

Custom Followers Packages have been announced for the Instagram Services lineup. This new delivery option offers a new delivery type.

Determine how many followers you need, and then choose the rate at which they are delivered. With this feature, Fast Followerz allows the benefits of the Enterprise Package without committing to a monthly recurring billing cycle.

Many more new features are in the near future at FastFollowerz, so be sure to review the site and keep an eye out for new products!

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Custom Comments Review Fast Followers

Due to the popularity of FastFollowerz‘ Custom Instagram Comments service, this has been expanded to all new platforms!

You can now purchase Custom Comments for Facebook Posts and even Tweets!

Fast Followerz reviewed these services last week, and plans to have both active and purchasable within 1 week.

Be on the lookout for this hot new service!

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Fast Followers Reviews

Fast Followers product updates are nearing release! Fast Followers plans to announce their dramatic improvements later this week! It is rumored that Twitter Custom Replies will be one of the hottest new products.

When the full Fast Followers Reviews are released, we will be sure to include a full product list of new and improved services.

Let us know what you think!

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Fast Followers – Promotion

It’s been awhile with no promotion from Fast Followerz, which is certainly indicative of something big!

Be sure to review FastFollowerz‘ site and your emails for a notification about upcoming holiday/event promotions.

There is speculation that a promotion will be available near the end of this Olympics season.

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Facebook – Fast Followerz

A few exciting new services are coming to Fast Followerz to kick off the start of the 2016 school year! Be on the lookout for Facebook Custom Comments! Due to the high demand, Fast Followers has reviewed and created a brand new tool for this feature.

Upon initial release, it is likely that there will be a discount code to accompany the new feature so keep checking back in!

This industry-first feature will deliver customized comments to any of your Facebook Posts from real and active Facebook users.

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Fast Followerz Twitter Review

New features are coming to Fast Followers at the end of this summer! Be on the lookout for Twitter Custom Comments. This highly requested feature is set to be released within the month.

This new feature will deliver customized replies to any of your Tweets.

Only available at FastFollowerz!

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