Fast Followers – Promotion

It’s been awhile with no promotion from Fast Followerz, which is certainly indicative of something big!

Be sure to review FastFollowerz‘ site and your emails for a notification about upcoming holiday/event promotions.

There is speculation that a promotion will be available near the end of this Olympics season.

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Facebook – Fast Followerz

A few exciting new services are coming to Fast Followerz to kick off the start of the 2016 school year! Be on the lookout for Facebook Custom Comments! Due to the high demand, Fast Followers has reviewed and created a brand new tool for this feature.

Upon initial release, it is likely that there will be a discount code to accompany the new feature so keep checking back in!

This industry-first feature will deliver customized comments to any of your Facebook Posts from real and active Facebook users.

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Fast Followerz Twitter Review

New features are coming to Fast Followers at the end of this summer! Be on the lookout for Twitter Custom Comments. This highly requested feature is set to be released within the month.

This new feature will deliver customized replies to any of your Tweets.

Only available at FastFollowerz!

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Fast Followerz Update – Twitter Custom Comments

The Social Media Marketing mogul Fast Followerz has announced the development of Twitter Custom Comments. These will come in the form of customized replies left by their users on the Tweet you prefer. We are extremely excited to see the impact that this new feature has on the market.

Today’s Fast Followers Review will not detail the exact release date of this new product, but be sure to check back in to monitor the progress.

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Fast Followerz Instagram Followers Review

Fast Followers has announced that their 100% Real and Active Instagram Followers network is under update. In an effort to provide only the highest quality Instagram Followers, they are adding new users to their social exchange network.

This network is on track to be brought back online in the next 2 weeks. These followers will be under review as soon as they become available!

Be on the lookout for these at

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Soundcloud Comments Review

The latest Fast Followerz Review is in, and their Soundcloud Comments have received a huge update. Soundcloud comments are now delivered spread out over your track. Instead of receiving comments early on in your track, you will get an even spread of comments that are more applicable to your track.

This is a massive change that will provide the best bang for your buck. Only available at Fast Followers.

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FastFollowerz Custom Comments

Fast Followers has updated their Custom Comments to allow for emojis! This brings a new spin to your favorite service. All you have to do is create the package on your phone, and use your phone’s emoji keyboard to input your favorite emojis!

Fast Followerz is constantly updating their services to enhance their users’ experience. Keep checking in for more updates!

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Instagram Engagement Update Fast Followers

Fast Followerz has updated their Instagram Engagement Package to offer a brand new feature and a few key performance updates.

Fast Followers has updated the quality and speed of their Instagram Engagement Service. With multi-server upgrades, they are now able to deliver likes at lightning fast speeds, while also improving the quality of the users who are liking your posts.

You will also be able to time-delay the delivery of your Instagram Engagement Package. When your minimum number of likes per post is set to 100 or more, you will be allowed to choose either a one or two-hour spread for your likes. This means that you will not receive all your likes at once but over time.

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Fast Followerz Review

FastFollowerz has significantly improved the quality of their Instagram Comments. The quality of these generated comments is now much more targeted and applicable. You will now receive comments related to your posts that are much less vague or generic.

I give Fast Followers Instagram Comments five stars. The speed at which they deliver is excellent; all comments were delivered to my last post within 10 minutes!

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